Dr.Wilfried Steffens, *1955

Married to Antje, 2 children (Bjoern-Christian, 17, and Kerstin-Nicole, 15).

I am a physician with special training and degrees in internal medicine, occupational medicine and an additional training and degree in environmental medicine, currently studying clinical toxicology. I work for a large chemical company in Germany. Yes, you may know it - think of aspirine.

My mineral collecting dates back to 1969, when I came across the first crystals during holidays in the Alps. Later I got interested in Scandinavia with its pegmatites, the Langban-type deposits, and finally the alkaline complex around the Langesundsfjord in Norway. From there it was but a small step to my interest in alkaline localities in general.

Today my collection has more than 10,000 specimens, from MM to really large, and about 2,200 different minerals – not only from those alkaline complexes.

I am very interested in trade/exchange and I do have a trade list, which you can download as a zip file here as an Excel 95 document.

Again - for correspondence: w.steffens@pironet.de.

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