The EUDIALYTE homepage relaunched



If there is Eudialyte* - it is interesting !
(Prof.Khomyakov and my friend László Horváth)

* well, alright - or kentbrooksite or khomyakovite or oneillite or one the many others...
(and don't forget the old „eucolite“)


This homepage is dedicated to the famous alkaline mineral localities in the world -

Greenland, Kola, Langesundsfjord, Mt.St.Hilaire -


and to the lesser known as well (depending on obtainable informations):
North America:
Francon Quarry, Saint-Amable Sill (Varennes), Kipawa, Point of Rocks/Wind Mountain, Arkansas
South America:
Pocos de Caldas, Jacupiranga
Los Archipelago, Zomba, Aris
Almunge/Siksjöberget, Alnö, Norra Kärr, Gjerdingen
Dara-i-Pioz, Murun, Burpala and more....

These are my - and others´ - favorite collecting localities, and this homepage is intended to distribute information on these localities.

I am giving up on keeping the news updated - I simply can't do it any longer. What I will try to do from now on is to stick to the localities pages and new minerals form alkaline localities - and this also includes checking for literature regarding them. It will be incomplete, as I don't have a reasonable access to "Earth Sciences" any more, but I'll try - starting with the year 2005.

As there virtually never was a perceived need for the forum, I am giving that up, too.

To mention at least other alkaline localities, that I have too little information on, I put up a page with a listing of such localities:
Other localities. From there you can also go to a couple of other regional pages listing localities (e.g. Brazil, Latinamerica, USA.....)

Let me state already here, that these pages would not have been possible without the generous help from my friend László Horváth, who contributed freely with his knowledge about geological data and literature and with his comprehensive mineral lists.

Well, when I started there was only eudialyte and the old and obsolete name eukolite. And where are we now ? A multitude of eudialyte-group minerals, and about 2 adding up each year. This prompted me to include a page on the eudialyte group minerals, the names, occurrences known to me, and a literature list: eudialytes

If you have any information, contributions, reports, pictures, maps, or whatever, that you would like to see added to this site, please feel more than welcome to send them to .

You will find eMail adresses and homepages of collectors interested in alkaline minerals, news pages, link lists and trade sites.
If anybody should be interested in
me or my trade offers, you can look here.

Two short notes concerning the fotos. The MM-fotos all have been done with 20-fold magnification. All fotos are done by me with specimens from my own collection, and also on my own collecting trips - except where stated otherwise. You are welcome to use my fotos, if you want to, but please be so kind as to mention me in that case. But please stay clear from other peoples´ fotos.

And a note on the email adresses - they now all are with at instead of @. Just replace the at by @..