Ukraine and Belarus

This is a comprehensive list of alkaline localities in the Ukraine and one in Belarus, mostly, but not only (don´t underestimate me !), taken from the Woolley book (see below), generously given to me for 3 months by Peter G.Seroka - many thanks ! Btw - the information not from the book is from P.G.Seroka himself. The mineral lists are certainly incomplete.

Yastrebets: 4km². Syenites. Aegirine, allanite, andradite, annite, apatite grp., bastnaesite, britholite, ferroedenite, ferrohastingsite, fluorite, hedenbergite, ilmenite, patisite, plagioclase, riebeckite, taramite.
Davidki: 30km². Gabbroitic rocks in the peripehry, syenites in the centre. Apatite grp., baddeleyite, ferrohedenbergite, hedenbergite, ilmenite, magnetite, plagioclase, zircon.
Korosten: Aegirine syenites in anorthosite-granite plutons. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, andradite, apatite grp., fluorite, ilmenite, microcline, oligoclase, quartz, riebeckite, titanite, zircon.
Antonovskii: Discovered by drilling only. Essexite, jacupirangite, ijolite, sovite, nepheline syenite.
Proskurovskii: Discovered by drilling. Syenites, granosyenites, nepheline syenite, pulaskite, melteigite, probably carbonatites. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, calcite, nepheline.
South Cherkasskii Sill: Lamproite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., ilmenite, magnetite, microcline, pargasite, phlogopite, rutile, titanite.
Korsun-Novomirgorod: Aegirine syenite. Similar to Korosten.
Korsun-Novomirgorod Margin: Monzonites, syenites (quartz-). Allanite, apatite grp., chevkinite, fayalite, ferrohastingsite, hedenbergite, ilmenite, quartz, zircon.
Malotersyanskii: 12x4.5km. Laccolith-like intrusionm subalkaline gabbros around, alkaline syenites and foyaites in the centre, pegmatite and other dykes. Aegirine, aenigmatite, albite, allanite, apatite grp., astrophyllite, bastnaesite, hatchetollite, hedenbergite, nepheline, olivine, orthoclase, pyrochlore, thorite, zircon.
Dnieper-Donetz Basin: Oil drilling revealed a 1800km² underground zone of different alkaline rocks (e.g. ijolite, monchiquite).
Chernigovskii: Carbonatites, alkaline syenites, nordkmarkite, nepheline syenites, pyroxenites a.o.. Aegirine, albite, allanite, amphibole grp., anatase, ancylite, apatite grp., baddeleyite, barkevikite, biotite, calcite, columbite, diopside, dolomite, fergusonite-(Ce), hatchettolite, magnetite, monazite, nepheline, olivine, phlogopite, pyrochlore, salite, spinel, tetraferriphlogopite, titanite, zircon, „sulfides“.
Azov Sea Coast Dykes: Belt of alkaline ultrabasic dykes, Jacupirangite a.o..
Oktyabr´skii: Very well described intrusion, formerly aka Mariupol massif. Granites to subalkaline rocks to alkaline and nepheline syenites, pegmatites, phonolites. Aegirine, astrophylliite, augite, baddeleyite, beckelite, britholite, eudialyte, ferrosalite, hedenbergite, nepheline, pyrochlore, taramite, zircon.
Pokrovo-Kireevo: Syenites, nepheline syenites, malignite, pyroixenite, subalkaline rocks. Aegirine, apatite grp., augite, biotite, calcite, feldspar grp., ferrosalite, hedenbergite, magnetite, nepheline, quartz.
Kalmius: Surface manifestation of a huge batholith of 1500 km². Syenites, granosyenites. Amphibole grp., fluorite.
Elanchik: Syenites. Fayalite, ferrohastingsite, hedenbergite.
Kuznetsko-Mihailovskii Belt: 35x2km. Parallel dykes of peralkaline microgranites. Aegirine, feldspar grp., quartz, riebeckite, zeolite grp.
South Kalchik: Different syenites, monzosyenite, granites.
Primosrkii: Peralkaline syenites, granosyenites, discovered by drilling only.
Metropolskii: Discovered by drilling only. 5-8km in diameter. Amphibole syenite, granosyenite.
Petrovsko-Gnutovo: Alkaline pegmatites, fluorite-carbonate vein.

Zhitkovitschskii: Alkali pegmatites, granosyenites. Aegirine, bastnaesite, brookite, byelorussite-(Ce), magnesioriebeckite, microcline, montmorillonite.

&Suggested reading:
Kogarko,L.N., V.A.Kononova, M.P.Orlova, A.R.Woolley: Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World. Part 2: Former USSR. Chapman and Hall, London, 1995.

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