Russia - E of Urals

This is a comprehensive list of alkaline localities in asian Russia, mostly, but not only (don´t underestimate me !), taken from the Woolley book (see below), generously given to me for 3 months by Peter G.Seroka - many thanks ! The mineral lists are certainly incomplete, I had to leave out things like „opaques“, and there is some confusion about the feldspar group minerals, which are not always named exactly (“antiperthite“). What Fe-Ti-oxides, present at most localities, shall mean is unclear, most likely magnetite and ilmenite, I would guess.

Also this part of the Woolley book is „over-extensive“ for some regions, giving f.e. a central intrusion plus several very small satellites separately, which I decided to join together.

Baikal and Aldan have their own pages.

Taimyr Peninsula:
Kuropatochei: 8km². Syenites, nepheline syenite.
Vysokoi: 4km². Syenites to trachytes. Analcime, andesine, apatite grp., augite, biotite, fluorite, hornblende, magnetite, marialite, orthoclase, quartz, titanite, zircon.
Kyidinskii: Syenites and essexites. Allanite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., eudialyte, feldspar grp., fluorite, magnetite, plagioclase, pyroxene grp., quartz, riebeckite, titanite, zircon.
Angidritovyi: Small ring of 250m² ! Nepheline syenites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, analcime, feldspar grp., nepheline, schorlomite, zeolite grp.
Lunnyi: Carbonatite bodies. Albite, ankerite, apatite grp., barite, dolomite, fluorite, hematite, magnetite, phlogopite, siderite. „REE-fluorocarbonates“
Fad´yu-Kuda (=Shchelochnoi): 1km² stock. Nepheline syenites. Aegirine, albite, apatite grp., barite, fluorite, magnetite, melanite, microcline, pyrite, rutile, sphalerite, titanite, zircon.

„Extrusives of Maimecha-Kotui“: Nephelinites, melilitites, tarchybasalts.
Guli (=Gulinskii): 1500km² stock. Dunites, pyroxenites, melilitites, jacupirangite, melteigite, ijolite, shonkinite, peralkaline syenite, carbonatite, pegmatites. Aegirine, albite, apatite grp., barkevikite, biotite, calcite, calzirtite, cancrinite, chromite, clinohumite, clinopyroxene, diopside, dolomite, dysanalyite, feldspar grp., fluorite, forsterite, magnetite, melilite, natrolite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, spinel, titanite, zeolite grp.
Debgoko: Melteigite, ijolite.
Nemakit and satellite plugs: Ijolite, melteigite, olivinite, alkaline anmd nepheline syenite, carbonatite veins.
Odikhuncha: 56km2. Olivinite, melteigite, ijolite, jacupirangite, alkaline and nepheline syenites, pegmatites. Aegirine-augite, albite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., augite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, chromite, clinohumite, clinopyroxene grp., diopside, eudialyte, feldspar grp., forsterite, garnet grp., lamprophyllite, lovchorrite, magnetite, melanite, melilite, mosandrite, nepheline, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, spinel, titanite.
Churbuka: Melteigite, melanephelinite.
Sona: Melilitolite, melanephelinite.
Sona-West: Melteigite, malignite.
Kugda: 16km². Olivinite, melteigite, jacupirangite, phoscorite, alkaline syenite, satellite with melilitolite, nepheline syenite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, apatite grp., calcite, cancrinite, chromite, chrysolite, clinohumite, clinopyroxene grp., combeite, diopside, djerfisherite, dolomite, forsterite, garnet grp., magnetite, melanite, melilite, monticellite, nepheline, olivine, pentlandite, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrrhotite, serpentine grp., sodalite, titanite, wollastonite, zeolite grp..
Ary-Mas: 200 in diameter. Melteigite, melanephelinite.
Krestyakh: Melteigite, melanephelinite.
Sedete: 12km². Melteigite, melanephelinite, picrites, nepheline syenites, shonkinite. Aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, diopside, feldspar grp., magnetite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, titanite.
Atyrdyakh: 0.6km2. Melteigite, melanephelinite, jacupirangite. Aegirine-augite, augite, biotite, feldspar grp., magnetite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, titanite.
Romanikha: 4km². Jacupirangite, melteigite, ijolite, nepheline syenite satellite. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, calcite, feldspar grp., forsterite, magnetite, melanite, melilite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, titanite.
Changit: Melteigite, melanephelinite, carbonatite, alkaline syenite, carbonatite satellites. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, feldspar grp.,magnetite, melilite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, titanite.
Dalbykha Intrusions (Kyndyn, Urukit, Dalbykha-North, Dalbykha, Dalbykha-South, Bykhyt-North, Bykhyt-West, Bykhyt-East, Chara, Saga-Chara): 20km grp. of intrusions, between Kotui and Maimecha Rivers. Melteigite, melanephelinite, jacupirangite, olivinite, ijolite, alkaline and nepheline syenites, carbonatites. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, calcite, feldspar grp., francolite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, richterite, tetraferriphlogopite, titanite.
Bor-Uryakh: 18.5km2. Olivinite stock, dunite, pegmatite and peralkaline syenite dykes, carbonatites. Calcite, chromite, clinohumite, clinopyroxene, magnetite, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, spinel.
Kara-Meni: 1km2. Melteigite, picrite. Apatite grp., biotite, clinopyroxene, feldspar grp., magnetite, melilite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite.
D´ogd´oo: Melteigite.
Magan: 50km2. Jacupirangite, melteigite, ijolite, nephleine and cancrinite syenites, carbonatites, pegmatites. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, chromite, clinohumite, clinopyroxene, dolomite, feldspar grp., forsterite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, spinel, titanite, tremolite, zeolite grp.
Yraas: 5x2.7km. Ijolites, breccias. Aegirine, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, perovskite, phlogopite, pyroxene grp., titanite.
Essei: 15km2. Jacupirangite, melteigite, ijolite, carbonatite. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, diopside, dolomite, feldspar grp., forsterite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, titanite, zeolite grp.

Orto-Yrigakhskoe, Tundrovoye, Nomotookhskoe: Carbanatite dykes and pipes. Aegirine, ampbibole brp., apatite grp., baddeleyite, calcite, chalcopyrite, columbite, dolomite, fersmite, magnetite, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore, rutile, serpentine grp., sphalerite, zircon.
Bogdo: Nepheline syenites, malignite, meltieigte. Aegirine, apatite grp., biotite, feldspar grp., magnetite, nepheline, schorlomite, sodalite, titanite.
Tomtor: Circular, 16km in diameter. Jacupirangite, ijolite, nepheline and peralkaline syenites, carbonatite. Apatite grp., calcite, francolite, kaolinite, magnetite, nepheline, phlogopite, pyrochlroe, vermiculite.
Chimaara: Nepheline syenites, carbonatites. Ankerite, calcite, dolomite, siderite.
Mald´zhangarsii: 4.5km in diameter. Carbonatites. Aegirine, amphibole grp., apatite grp., calcite, dolomite, ilmenite, magnetite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, titanite, zircon.

Chadobetskaya: Alkaline ultrabasic rocks, associated with kimberlites. Alnoites, peridotites, carbonatites. Actinolite, ankerite, apatite grp., augite, calcite, chlorite grp., diopside, dolomite, forsterite, ilmenite, limonite, magnetite, melilite, monticellite, nepheline, perovskite, phlogopite, p<rochlore, pyroxene grp., sphalerite.

Srednevorogovskii: 12km² area of several bodies. Nordmarkite, peralkaline syenite and granite. Albite, allanite, antriperthite, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, biotite, cassiterite, chalcopyrite, euxenite, fluorite, garnet grp., ilmenorutile, microcline, molybdenite, monazite, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, quartz, riebeckite, rutile, titanite, tourmaline, zircon.
Zakhrebetninskii: 20km². Peralkaline and nepheline syenites. Aegirine, albite, allanite, amphibole grp., analcime, apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, feldspar grp., magnetite, nepheline, oligoclase, zircon.
Kutukas: Peralkaline syenites. Aegirine, amphibole grp., apatite grp., fluorite, magnetite, microcline, monazite, zircon.
Chapinskii: 50 small bodies. Alkali basalt, picrite. Apatite grp., augite, baddeleyite, biotite, chlorite grp., chromite, clinopyroxene, garnet grp., ilmenite, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, serpentine grp., zircon.
Noibinskii: 3 bodies of quartz syenite, nepheline syenite porphyries. Aegirine, albite, apatite grp., barkevikite, biotite, hastingsite, magnetite, microcline, nepheline, quartz, titanite.
Kiiskii: 12km², circular, 4 stages. Urtite, ijolite, melteigite, jacupirangite, nepheline syenites, syenite porphyries, tinguaite, monchiquite, carbonatite. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., ankerite, biotite, calcite, diopside, dolomite, hastingsite, nepheline, orthoclase, siderite.
Penchenginskii: 1.5x18km. Dykes and veins of alkali gabbro, lusitanite, camptonite, carbonatite a.o.. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., ankerite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, chalcopyrite, columbite, dolomite, feldspar grp., ilmenite, magnesioriebeckite, magnetite, microcline, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, quartz, titanite.
Srednetatarskii: Foyaite, ijolite, muscovite syenite, nepheline syenites, pegmatites. Aegirine, albite, apatite grp., astrophyllite, calcite, cancrinite, eudialyte, feldspar grp., fluorite, lavenite, microcline, nepheline, titanite, zircon.
Pogromninskii: Nepheline syenites.
Porozhninskii: 5 small massifs, max. 5km2. Peralkaline and alkaline syenites. Aegirine, albite, arfvedsonite, biotite, hastingsite, microcline, oligoclase, orthoclase, riebeckite.

East Sayan:
Bolshetagninskii (=Tagninskii, =Tagna): 3.6km in diameter, stock/pipe. Ijolite, melteigite, peralkaline and nepheline syenites, carbonatite. Aegirine, ankerite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, diopside, feldspar grp., fluorite, hedenbergite, microcline, nepheline, pyrite, pyrochlore, schorlomite, titanite, zircon.
Nizhnesayanskii (=Lower Sayan, =Beloziminskii): Carbonatite, nepheline syenites, pyroxenites, ijolite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., andradite, ankerite, apatite grp., bastnaesite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, clinopyroxene, diopside, dolomite, dysanalyte, fluorite, forsterite, galena, hedenbergite, magnetite, molybdenite, monazite, nepheline, parisite, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore, schorlomite, sphalerite, strontianite, thorite, uranpyrochlore.
Verkhnesayanskii (=Sredneziminskii): Pyroxenite, ijolite, melteigite, nepheline and cancrinite syenites, alnoite, carbonatite. Aegirine, ancylite, ankerite, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, barite, biotite, burbankite, cancrinite, chlorite grp., clinopyroxene, diopside, feldspar grp., hedenbergite, magnetite, monazite, nepheline, parisite, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore, quartz, strontianite, thorite, titanite, uranpyrochlore, zeolite grp., zircon, „sulfides“.
Zhidoy: 0.85km². Pyroxenites, ijolite, nepheline and cancrinite syenites, carbonatites. Aegirine, albite, anorthoclase, apatite grp., baddeleyite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, chalcopyrite, clinopyroxene, clinozoisite, columbite, fluorite, hornblende, ilmenite, nepheline, pentlandite, perovskite, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, titanite, zircon.
N´urganskii: Stock of granosyenite, peralkaline and nepheline syenites. Aegirine, apatite grp., biotite, fluorite, hastingsite, hedenbergite, microcline, nepheline, orthoclase, titanite.
Sorok: Peralkaline syenites, granosyenites. Aegirine, amphibole grp., biotite, feldspar grp., hedenbergite.
Khaitanskii: Nepheline syenite.
Botogol: 10km². Nepheline and peralkaline syenites. Aegirine, andradite, apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, diopside, graphite, microcline, nepheline, orthoclase, zircon.
Khushagol: 7km². Syenites, peralkaline syenites, nepheline syenites. Aegirine, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, hedenbergite, ilmenite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, plagioclase, riebeckite, zircon.
Belaya Zima: Carbonatites. Apatite grp., columbite, francolite, pyrochlore

Just namend: Udarninskii
Bericul´: 6km² stock. Gabbro, pyroxenite, gabbro-syenite, peralkaline and nepheline syenites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, andradite, apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, fluorite, hastingsite, microcline, muscovite, nepheline, plagioclase, titanite, zeolite grp., zircon.
Batanaulskii: 5x1.5km. Porphyry, monzonites. Aegirine, analcime, augite, nepheline.
Semenovskii: 6km², melteigite, peralkaline and nepheline syenites.
Goryachegorskii: 0.9km² stock. Theralite, ijolite, urtite, nepheline syenite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., biotite, fassaite, nepheline, olivine, plagioclase.
Gavrilovskii: Small body. Nephleine syenite. Albite, allanite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, fluorite, microcline, nepheline.
Cheremusjinskii: 1.25km2. Gabbro, melteigite, nepheline syenite. Aegirine-augite, andesine, arfvedsonite, augite, cancrinite, clinopyroxene, feldspar grp., nepheline, olivine.
Kurgusul: 1km2. Nepheline syenites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., anorthoclase, apatite grp., hastingsite, nepheline.
Andryushkina Rechka: Bereshite. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., augite, nepheline, olivine, plagioclase.
Pestraya: 10km². Nepheline syenites. Albite, apatite grp., fluorite, garnet grp., hastingsite, lepidomelane, microcline, nepheline, sodalite, „sulfides“.
Belogorskii: 1km2. Theralite, nepheline syenites, melteigite.
Nichkuryup: Nephelinite, phonolite. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., augite, magnetite, nepheline.
Tuluyul: Alkaline gabbro, theralite, ijolite, nepheline syenite.
Kita-Shaltyr: 2km². Trachytic gabbro, urtite, theralite, ijolite, alkaline and nepheline syenties. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., barkevikite, biotite, fassaite, lavenite, microcline, nepheline, olivine, plagioclase, pyrrhotite, titanite, zircon.
Petropavlosvskii: Gabbro stock with theralite, ijolite, urtite, foyaite, carbonatite. Aegirine-augite, andesine, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, clinopyroxene, garnet grp., hornblende, magnetite, microcline, monitcelllite, nepheline, phlogopite, plagioclase, titanite, vesuvianite.
Kiiskii: Nepheline syenite dykes. Aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., biotite, hastingsite, nepheline, orthoclase, titanite.
Dedova: Gabbro, theralite, nepheline syenite. Allanite, apatite grp., augite, eudialyte, feldspar grp., ferrohastingsite, garnet grp., lavenite, nepheline, titanite, zircon, „sulfides“.
Telyashkin Ulus: 100m in diameter stock. Teschenite. Aegirine-augite, analcime, apatite grp., barkevikite, fassaite, feldspar grp., hornblende, nepheline, zeolite grp..
Burovskii: 70km2. Peralkaline and nepheline syenites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, amphibole grp., biotite, nepheline, perthite, quartz, sodalite.
Vysokaya: Peralkaline syenites, aegirine-nepheline syenite. Aegirine, cancrinite, feldspar grp., nepheline, zeolite grp..
Saybar: Peralkaline syenites, nepheline syenite. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., fluorite, nepheline, oligoclase, titanite.
Tyrdanov: Nepheline syenite. Amphibole grp., andesine, andradite, apatite grp., calcite, clinopyroxene, fassaite, microcline, muscovite, nepheline, titanite.
Bulankul´: 3x0.5km. Essexite, diorite-syenite, nepheline syenite, tinguaite, pegmatitic foyaite. Aegirine-augite, albite, andesine, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, augite, barkevikite, biotite, diopsdie, hastingsite, microcline, nepheline, oligoclase, olivine, plagioclase, titanite.
Patyn: 50km2. Peralkaline syenite, alkaline rocks w/ nepheline-sodalite, meltiegite, jacupirangite. Aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, calcite, garnet grp., ilmenite, melilite, nepheline, orthoclase, plagioclase, pyrrhotite, titanite.
Matyr: Peralkaline and nepheline syenite. Aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., barkevikite, lepidomelane, magnetite, microcline, nepheline
Synzas: 0,25km² stock. Albite, amphibole grp., analcime, apatite grp., biotite, diopsdie, feldspar grp., magnetite.
Kultaiginskii: 40km2. Gabbro, peralkaline syenite, nordmarkite, nepheline syenite. Aegirine-augite, albite,m amphibole grp., biotite, magnetite, orthoclase, zircon.
Karatag: 3 intrusions on 45km². Peralkaline and nepheline syenite, diorite, granosyenite. Aegirine-augite, albite, barkevikite, biotite, nepheline.
Kobarzinskii: Peralkaline syenites. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, feldspar grp., magnetite, muscovite, nepheline, sodalite, titanite.
Sokol: 3.6x1.1km. Foyaite, juvite, peralkaline syenite. Biotite, cancrinite, nepheline, sodalite, spessartite.

East Tuva:
Just named: Chongai, Ulagarchin, Karakhol, Surkhai, Verkhnebrenskii, Khaltrik, Chartis, Solbelder, Ust´-Kunduss, Khorytag, Chekbek, Chuntchol, Dchanur, Burek-Kundus, Kara-Adyr
Katun: 75km². 3 phases: granites and syenites and nepheline syenites, granosyenites and granites, riebeckite granite. Aegirine, biotite, diopside, hedenbergite, hornblende, nepheline, riebeckite.
Chamdzhyak: Peralkaline and calc-alkaline syenites and granosyenites. Biotite, feldspar grp., katophorite, plagioclase, pyroxene grp.
Aksug: 0.2km2 stock. Amphibole syenite, aegirine-riebeckite granite. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., bastnaesite, cryolite, fluorite, microcline.
Irelig: Peralkaline granosyenites and granites. Apatite grp., riebeckite, titanite, zircon.
Dotot: Peralkaline syenite.
Sorug: Peralkaline and nepheline syenites, abundant pegmatites. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., biotite, feldspar grp., garnet grp., nepheline, plagioclase.
Dugda: 40km2. Different syenites, nepheline syenite, phonolite, pegmatites. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., biotite, cancrintie, hastingsite, nepheline, plagioclase, sodalite, zeolite grp..
Kadyross and Kyshtag: Together more than 250km2. Peralkaline syenites, pegmatites.
Kadrauss: Peralkaline and calc-alkaline granites. Aegirine, amphibole grp., biotite, diopside, riebeckite.
Chavach: Ca. 100 nepheline syenite dykes on 6km2. Aegirine-augite, albite, betafite, biotite, britholite, fluorite, magnetite, microcline, molybdenite, nepheline, thorite, zircon.
Ulugtanzek: Peralkaline granites. Aegirine, columbite, lavenite, microcline, pyrochlore, quartz, riebeckite, .
Arukty: 3km². Nepheline syenites.
Kharly: 9.2km² stock. Ijolite, foyaite, juvite, pegmatites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, ferro-hornblende, garnet grp., hastingsite, hedenbergite, ilmenite, lepidomelane, magnetite, microcline, nepheline, orthoclase, titanite, zircon.
Bayankol: Nepheline syenites, juvite, urtite, pegmatites. Albite, apatite grp., calcite, cancrinite, hedenbergite, lepidomelane, magnetite, microcline, nepheline, sodalite, titanite.
Vostochno-Honchulskii: Nepheline syenites. Augite, barkevikite, nepheline.
Ust´-Haigasskii: Nepheline syenites, essexite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., nepheline.
Terekhol: 3km². Nepheline syenites. Albite, arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, augite, biotite, cancrinite, chevkinite, diopside, hastingsite, hedenbergite, molybdenite, thorite, tremolite, uraninite, zircon.
Ichekhol: Nepheline and peralkaline syenites, pegmatites.Britholite, nepheline, magnetite, pyroxene grp., rincolite, thorianite, thorite, uraninite, zircon.
Dakhunur: Ijolite, urtite, nepheline syenite. Calcite, fassaite, grossular, nepheline, pagioclase.
Toskul: Nepheline syenites, pegmatites. Aegirine, biotite, hastingsite, hornblende, microcline, nepheline.
Agash: 4x3.5km. Biotite syenite, less nepheline syenite. Augite, biotite, diopside, garnet grp., hastingsite, nepheline.
Korgeredaba: 36km². Foyaites, pulaskites, peralkaline pegmatites, peralkaline syenites. Aegirine, albite, arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, biotite, catapleiite, eudialyte, hastingsite, oligoclase, rinkolite.
Ulanerge: Nepheline syenites, quarz syenites, granosyenites. Albite, andradite, apatite grp., biotite, britholite, calcite, cancrinite, fluorite, graphite, hastingsite, lepidomelane, magnetite, microcline, nepheline, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, thorite, titanite, zircon.
Chakhyrtoi: Nepheline syenites. Albite, apatite grp., calcite, hedenbergite, lepidomelane, magnetite, microcline, nepheline.
Chik: Ijolite, urtite, melteigite, pegmatites. Apatite grp., calcite, cancrinite, fassaite, hedenbergite, melanite, nepheline, thomsonite.
Katugin River: Location unknown, probably Tuva, maybe wrong spelling - there´s a supply of minerals obviously from an alkaline locality under this name.
Karasuq (Tannu-Ola Range): Tikhonenkovite

Voin: Stock of peralkaline and nepheline syenites, carbonatite, Calcite, nepheline, phlogopite, „sulfides“.
Gek: 2.3x0.4km. Ijolite, pyroxenite, alkaline syenites, carbonatites. Ankerite, dolomite.
Povorotnyi: 3km2. Carbonatite, peralkaline syenites.Aegirine, albite, ankerite, augite, calcite, diopside, epidote.
Ozernyi: 9.3km2. Carbonatites, nepheline syenite, ijolite, pyroxenite. Aegirine, aeschynite, albite, ankerite, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, baddeleyite, barite, bastnaesite, biotite, burbankite, calcite, calzirtite, cancrinite, carbocernaite, carbonate-apatite, chlorite grp., columbite, diopside, dolomite, eckermannite, fassaite, feldspar grp., fersmanite, fluorite, forsterite, hydromica grp., ilmenite, lueshite, magnesioarfvedsonite, magnesioriebeckite, magnetite, nepheline, parisite, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, quartz, richterite, rutile, strontianite, tetraferriphlogopite, titanite, uranpyrochlore, zircon.
Khamninskii: Nepheline and peralkaline syenite stock and dykes, carbonatites.

Dezhnevskii: 125km2. Syenites to nepheline syenites, shonkinites.
Enmelen: Basanite, limburgite. Aegirine-augite, analcime, augite, feldspar grp., nepheline, olivine.
Nunyamuvem: Similar to Enmelen.

Rarytkinskii: Basalts, tescherite, tuffs, alkaline gabbros. Analcime, augite, barkevikite, olivine, plagioclase.
Vatynskii: Stock-like intrusion of alkaline syenite, alkali baslats a.o.. Analcime, apatite grp., augite, biotite, bytownite, feldspar grp., ilmenite, magnetite, olivine
Valaginskay Seria: Picrite lavas, carbonatite bombs. Apatite grp., augite, barite, calcite, diopside, garnet grp., olivine, strontiantie, „sulfides“.
Andriyanovka: Alkali basalts, tephrites. Aegirine, apatite grp., augite, biotite, chlorite grp., diopside, epidote, feldspar grp., „iddingsite“, magnetite, olivine, plagioclase.
Kirganic: Pyroxenites, shonkinite, essexite. Analcime, apatite grp., augite, biotite, chlorite grp., clinopyroxene, clinozoisite, diopside, epidote, feldspar grp., hastingsite, magnetite, muscovite (sericite), orthoclase, plagioclase, sodalite.

Pyatistennyi: Alkaline basaltic rocks, monchiquite. Analcime, apatite grp., augite, biotite, chlorite grp., clinopyroxene, hauyne, leucite, magnetite, orthoclase, plagioclase.
Anyuiskii: Alkaline basalts, andesites. Andesine, nepheline.
Aluchinskie: Alkaline basalts.
Bilibino: Alkaline basalts. Anorthoclase, clinopyroxene, olivine.
Oloiskii: Peralkalione granites.
Balagan-Tas: Alkaline lava.
Omulevskii. Picrite, teschenite. Amphibole grp., analcime, barkevikite, biotite, clinopyroxene, olivine, plagioclase.
Popovka: Dolerite, alaskite, syenites, nepheline syenites.
Khulichanskii: Alkaline syenites, teschenites, alkaline gabbroids. Analcime, augite, orthoclase, plagioclase.
Omolonskii. 20Km². Teschenite, essexite, tinguaite a.o.. Aegirine, analcime, apatite gp., augite, biotite, clinopyroxene, hastingsite, hornblende, magnetite, olivine, orthoclase, plagioclase, riebeckite, rutile, zircon.
Anmandykanskii: 310km2. Quartz, peralkaline, and nepheline syenites. Aegirine, albite, apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, melanite, microcline, nepheline, titanite, zircon.
Kananyga: Alkaline basalts. Analcime, apatite grp., augite, clinopyroxene, nepheline, oligoclase.

Shmidt Peninsula: Stockks, laccoliths, dykes o f bgabbro, essexite, teschenite a.o.. Analcime, anorthoclase, apatite grp., augite, biotite, ilmenite, magnetite, natrolite, nepheline, olivine,
Nadezhdinka (=Morortu District): Dykes and laccoliths, monzonites, nepheline syenites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, analcime, andesine, anorthoclase, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, augite, biotite, hastingsite, kaersutite, magnetite, titanite, zircon.

Bikin: Alkaline basaltoids. Analcime, zeolites.
Sando-Vaku: Alkaline syenites. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., anatase, biotite, feldspar grp., ilmenorutile, magnetite, muscovite.
Ussuri: 30 outcrops of alkaline basaltoids. Amphibole grp., analcime, apatite grp., augite, biotite, clinopyroxene, leucite, nepheline, olivine, spinel.
Koksharovskii: 15km². Pyroxenites, jacupirangites, foyaite, dykes of lujavrite, syenites, syenite porphyries, and nepheline syenites, also pegmatites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, augite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, elpidite, eudialyte, feldspar grp., hastingsite, hornblende, ilmenite, lamporphyllite, magnetite, nepheline, pyrochlore, quartz, titanite, zeolite grp., zircon, zirkelite.
Poginskii: Foyaites, bostonite, nepheline syenite pegmatite, albitite essexite a.o.. Albite, cancrinite, zeolite grp.
Artem: Lavas and sills, stocks and laccoliths of absarocite a.a.. Aegirine-augite, anorthoclase, biotite, calcite, diopside, olivine, sanidine.
Sitsinskii: 25km². Aegirine-riebeckite granites, alkaline pegmatites. Aegirine, aenigmatite, astrophyllite, bastnaesite, chevkinite, feldspar grp., magnetite, quartz, riebeckite, xenotime, zircon.
Cape Orlova: Peralkaline granites. Aenigmatite, albite, astrophyllite, biotite, fluorite, garnet grp., magnetite, perthite, quartz, riebeckite, zircon.

Aya, Gorny Altai

Arshanskoe, Khalyutinskoe, Yuzhnoe: Carbonatites.
Muya: Carbonatite. Aegirine, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, dolomite, magnesioriebeckite, magnetite, monazite, orthoclase, pyrochlore, riebeckite
Bryansky: Syenite-granite, peralkaline. 1600 km².
Oshurkovo: Alkali monzodiortie, monzonite, syenites. Apatite grp., biotite, feldspar grp.

&Suggested reading:
Kogarko,L.N., V.A.Kononova, M.P.Orlova, A.R.Woolley: Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World. Part 2: Former USSR. Chapman and Hall, London, 1995.

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