Oh, no - too much for one page. There are several intrusions in Greenland, that should be dealt with on separate pages.

A short overview:
There are 10 major intrusive complexes of alkaline igneous rock in an area of 200 by 70 km. Their age is 1,32-1,12 bio years. Some are really small (a few hundred meters), others cover more 1000 km². Except for Kola and to a much lesser degree the Monteregian Hill of Québec, Canada, there is no other area in the world with such an accumulation of alkaline igneous intrusions.

Predominantly the intrusions consist of alkaline to peralkaline rocks, in part over- and in part under-saturated in silica. Ilimaussaq is the only intrusion that contains both rock types.

The localities:

Ilimaussaq - including Kvanefjeld, Kangerluarsuk, Tasseq, Eriksfjord ...




Kap Washington Volcanics: Lavas, trachytes, rhyolites. Riebeckite.
Hvalroso: Essexite. Analcime, augite, biotite, labradorite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine.
Hold with Hope: Alkaline basalts, olivine augitite. Augite, biotite, nepheline, olivine.
Passagehoje: Nepheline-olivine tephrite sill.
Arnold Eschers Land: Alkaline basic lavas. Analcime, clinopyroxene, ilmenite, kaersutite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, plagioclase, rhoenite.
Kap Parry: Peralkaline granites, syenties. Aegirine, quartz, riebeckite.
Forchhammer: 120km², peralkaline syenites on basalt sills. Aegirine, mphibole grp., pyroxene grp., quartz.
Theresabjerg and Pictet Bjerge: 8x4km, peralkaline syenites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, biotite, hornblende, quartz.
Werner Bjerge: 17km in diameter. Pyroxenites, syenogabbros, syenites, foyaites, , nepheline syenite.pegmatites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, analcime, arfvedsonite, barkevikite, cancrinite, lamprophyllite, lavenite, mosandrite, narsarsukite, nepheline, riebeckite, sodalite.
Kap Brewster: Pebbles of alkaline rocks in conglomerates.
Kap Dalton: Alkaline pebbles in comglomerate. Malignite, tinguaite. Aegirine, analcime, leucite, nepheline, nosean, orthoclase, perovskite, pyroxene grp..
Borgtinderne: 10x8km under ice and snow. Nepheline syenite in basalts. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, magnetite, nepheline, plagioclase, sodalite, titanite.
Lilloise: 10x5km. Peridotites, olivine gabbros, veins and dykes of syenite. Aegirine-augite, analcime, biotite, perthite.
Sorgenfri Gletscher and I.C.Jacobsen Fjord: 2 bodys of nepheline syenite.
Batbjerg: Pyroxeneite, jacupirangite, ijolite, urtite, syenites, granite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., analcime, biotite, clinopyroxene, diopside, hornblende, kalsilite, leucite, melilite, natrolite, nepheline, olivine, pectolite, phlogopite, quartz, thomsonite, wollastonite.
Gardiner: 5km in diameter. Ultramafic complex, shonkinite, nepheline and soldalite syenites, melilitolite, ijolite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, clinopyroxene, hornblende, magnesio-arfvedsonite, magnesio-katophorite, magnetite, melanite, melilite, microcline, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, ramsayite, sodalite, spinel.
Kangerdlugssuaq: 33km in diameter. Basalt xenoliths, four ring-units: quartz nordmarkite, pulaskite, pulaskite with nepheline/ sodalite, foyaite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, analcime, astrophyllite, biotite, chevkinite, eudialyte, hiortdahlite, katophorite, kentbrooksite, kupletskite, lavenite, magnesio-arfvedsonite, melanite, nepheline, perovskite, perthite, plagioclase, sodalite.
Kap Edvard Holm: Gabbros, syenitic, granophyric rocks. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, albite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, biotite, chevkinite, fayalite, ferroaugite, ferroedenite, ferrorichterite, fluroite, hastingsite, hedenbergite, ilmenite, microperthite, quartz.
Kraemer: Peralkaline quartz syenite. Aegirine, arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, fluorite, perthtie, quartz, zircon.
Kialineq: 30x10km, quartz syenite and granite plutons. Aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, amphibole grp., biotite, chevkinite, fayalite, ferroaugite, ferrohedenbergite, ferrohornblende, quartz.
Tugtilik: Dyke swarm, dolerites, alkaline rock types. Aegirine, analcime, biotite, clinopyroxene, diopside, feldspar grp.,garnet grp., nepheline, olivine, pargasite, perovskite, sodalite.
Nagtivit: Nepheline syenite blocks.
Ubekendt Ejland: Alkali basalts, monchiquite, lamprophyric dykes. . Aegirine, amphibole grp., analcime, biotite, melilite, nepheline, salite.
Quigussaq: Unaltered lamprophyr-carbanoatite intrusions.
Holsteinsborg: Lamporite, kimberlite dykes. Apatite grp., clinopyroxene, diopside, feldspar grp., ilmenite, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, priderite, richterite, serpentine grp., spinel.
Qaqarssuk: 15km², carbonatites, fenites. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., ankerite, apatite grp., dolomite, magnetite, olivine, pyrochlore, pyrochlore, quartz.
Sarfartoq: Carbonatite, fenites. Aegirine, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, feldspar grp., garnet grp., hornblende, ilmenite, magnesio-arfvedsonite, magnetite, olivine, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore, richterite, tetraferriphlogopite, zircon.
Tupertalik: 500x200m, carbonatite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., calcite, clinopyroxene, diopside, dolomite, magnetite, olivine, phlogopite. Spinel, zircon.
Frederikshabs Isblink: Carbonatite, melilitite, phonolite, nephelinites. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., calcite, clinopyroxene, feldspar grp., leucite, magnetite, melanite, melilite, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, schorlomite, titanite.
Iluilarssuk: Lamprophyric carbonatite dykes. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., ankerite, biotite, calcite, dolomite, hornblende, magnetite, olivine, phlogopite, salite.
Nunarssuit: 45x25km, gabbro, syenite, granite, not all alkaline. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, albite, amphibole grp., astrophyllite, augite, biotite, clinopyroxene, fayalite, feldspar grp., fluorite, hornblende, oligoclase, olivine, perthite, quartz.
Bangs Havn: Syenites, alkali granite.
Puklen: 4x2km. Peralkaline granite, syenites. Aegirine, aegirin-augite, aenigmatite, arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, augite,biotite, fayalite, hornblende, microcline, orthoclase, quartz, riebeckite.
Isortoq: Alkali gabbro, syenite, granite, larvikite.
Tugtutoq: Granites, syenite., olivine diorite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, amphibole grp., analcime, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, barkevikite, biotite, fayalite, ferroaugite, fluorite, hedenbergite, hornblende, ilmenite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, perthite, quartz, riebeckite, sodalite, zeolite grp.
Dyrnaes-Narssaq: Gabbro, syenites. Qugite, biotite, quartz.
Qagssiarssuk: Diatremes of carbonate tuffs, alnoite, peridotite, pyroxenite, lamprophyre. Ankerite, dolomite.
Klokken: Alkali gabbro, syenite, pegmatites. Aegirine, arfvedsonite, biotite, clinopyroxene, feldspar grp., hastingsite, ilmenite, katophorite, magnetite, olivine, plagioclase, quartz.
Nunatak, NE Greenland: Melilites, basanites. Ilmenite, perovskite.

&Suggested reading:
Woolley, A.R.: Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World. Part 1: North and South America. British Museum (Natural History), London, 1987

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