Other localities - Canada

This is a comprehensive list of alkaline localities in Canada, mostly, but not only (don´t underestimate me !), taken from the Wooley book (see below), generously given to me for 3 months by Peter G.Seroka - many thanks ! The mineral lists are certainly incomplete, I had to leave out things like „opaques“, and there is some confusion about the feldspar group minerals, which are not always named exactly (“antiperthite“).

Let´s journey from NW to SE:

Yukon Territory:
Tombstone Batholith (T. Mts.) and Spotted Fawn Creek: 2 intrusions, up to 11 km. Alkaline syenite, monzonite, quartz monzonite, quartz diorite, carbonatite. Aegirine-augite, andesine, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, clinopyroxene, ekanite, fluorite, hematite, melanite, microcline,nepheline, orthoclase, plagioclase, „pseudoleucite“, quartz, thorogummmite, titanite, zircon.
Ting Creek: 4 km², phonolite, breccia, syenites, nepheline syenite, tinguaite.
Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province (also NW British Columbia and Alaska): Alkali olivine basalts, nephelinite, basanite, peralkaline phonolite, basanite.

Northwest Territories:
Cape Richards, Ellesmere Island: 7x3 km intrusion. Quartz monzonites, syenites, diorites, perlakaline dykes. Biotite, clinopyroxene, hornblende grp., perthite, quartz, riebeckite, titanite.
Freemans Cove, Bathurst Island: 5 vents, 75 dykes, plugs in an area of 40x20 km. Nephelinites, basanites, basalt, phonolites. Amphibole grp., melilite, nepheline, olivine, phlogopite, plagioclase, pyroxene grp..
Bigspruce Lake, Mackenzie: 8x4 km, ijolite, syenite, carbonatite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, magnetite, nepheline, perthite, pyroxene grp., sodalite, titanite.
Easter Island Dyke, Mackenzie: 29 km long. Albite, amphibole grp., antiperthite, apatite grp., biotite, ilmenite, magnetite, olivine, pyroxene grp., sulfides (Fe, Ni, Cu).
Blachford Lake, Mackenzie: 235 to 375 km². Alkaline gabbros, diorites, syenites, granites, perlakaline granits and syenites. Aegirine, astrophyllite, bastnaesite, biotite, fluorite, hornblende grp., ixiolite, monazite, muscovite, perthite, phenakite, pyroexene grp., quartz, riebeckite, uranothorite, xenotime, zircon.
Thomas Lake, Mackenzie; 3-4km diameter. Nepheline syenite, fenite (?). Aegirine-augite, albite, amphibole grp., andesine, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, biotite, epidote, magnetite, nepheline, oligoclase, orthoclase, perthite, titanite.
Henninga Lake, Keewatin: 3 km diameter. Syenites. Aegirine.
Kaminka Lake, Keewatin: 7x2 km. Pyroxenite, melteigite, ijolite, syenites, nepheline syenite, pyroxenites, carbonatite. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, orthoclase, pyrite, pyroxene grp., titanite, vishnevite.
Last Lake, Keewatin: Just a circular magnetic anormality !
Lake Harbour, Baffin Island: Lapislazuli occurrences in marble. Apatite grp., diopside, hauyne, lapislazuli, nepheline, phlogopite, plagioclase, pyrite, pyrrhotite, scapolite grp., tremolite, titanite.
Thor Lake: Peralkaline granite-syenite pluton. Aegirine, aeschynite-grp., allanite-(Ce), bastnaesite-grp., britholite-(Ce), calcium-Catapleiite, cerianite-(Ce), fergusonite-(Y), ferrocolumbite, monazite-(Ce), nepheline, pyrochlore-grp., thorite, zircon.
Grays Bay alkaline complex, Slave Province: Melanocratic syenite, carbonatite, silico-carbonatite, pegmatitic biotite syenite, biotite-clinopyroxene-plagioclase gabbro. Monazite-(Ce), titanite, zircon.
Leith Lake carbonatite, Slave Province:
Michipicoten Greenstone Belt, Wawa-Subprovince, Superior Province: Alkaline rocks and syenites.
Zippa Mt., Iskut River: Elliptical pluton of 3.5x5km. Clinopyroxenite, syenite. Aegirine-augite, andradite-Ti, apatite grp., biotite, feldspar grp., hornblende, nepheline, titanite, vishnevite.
Lac de Gras: Kimberlites. Apatite grp., barite, bultfonteinite, calcite, diopside, djerfisherite, hydroxyapophyllite, ilmenite, khibinskite, monazite-(Ce)monticellite, pectolite, perowskite, phlogopite, serpentine grp.,spinel grp., Sr-apatite, suolunite, titanite, witherite, wollastonite, zircon.

British Columbia:
Atlin: Nephelinites. Analcime, biotite, clinopyroxene, kaersutite, nepheline, olivine, spinel, zeolite grp.
Atsutla Range: Peralkaline dykes. Aegirine, albite, alkali feldspar, quartz, riebeckite.
Mount Edziza: 65x24 km. Perlaklaine lavas, olivine basalts, perlakaline trachytes, comendites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, anorthoclase, arfvedsonite, augite, glasses, magnetite, olivine, plagioclase, pyroxene grp., quartz, sanidine.
Galore Creek: Syenites, tuffs, andesites, breccias, phonolite. Biotite, epidote, garnet grp., muscovite(sericite), orthoclase, „sulfides“.(copper ores).
Lonnie: 700x50m. Carbonatite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, calcite, columbite grp., ilmenorutile, microcline, plagioclase, pyrochlore, pyroxene grp.
Goosly Lake: Gabbros, syenomonzonites. Augite, olivine, plagioclase, quartz. - Close by Silver Queen mine ( and a Kennco sulfide deposit, both related to alkaline dykes. Chalcopyrite, galena, pyrite, pyrhhotite, sphalerite, tennantite, tetrahedrite.
Rainbow Range: 30km in diameter. Hawaiite, mugarite, trachyte, comendite. Aegirine, aenigmatite, anorthoclase, arfvedsonite, fayalite, ferro-hedenbergite,glass, hedenbergite, ilmenite, magnetite, sanidine.
Ilgachuz Range: Comenditic rhyolites, trachytes, breccia. Aegirine, aenigmatite, arfvedsonite, ferro-hedenbergite, pyroxene grp., quartz.
Itcha Mts.: Alkali olivine basalts, hawaiites, basanites. Leucite, nepheline, olivine, plagioclase, pyroxene grp..
Cariboo-Bell, Quesnel: 25 km². Trachybasalts, syenodiorite, monzonite, breccias, pyroxenite, gabbro, syenites. Aegirine-augite, albite, amphibole grp., analcime, andesine, augite, magnetite, nepheline, orthoclase. Copper-rich zones.
Horsefly Creek, Quesnel: Basalts. Analcime, leucite.
Takomkane Mt. Area: Nephelinite. Apatite grp., ugite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, pyeoxene grp., spinel.
Blue River Area: Carbonatite, syenites., ijolite-urtite. Pyrochlore (Ta-rich)
Verity: Carbonatite, sodlaite syenite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite,c olumbite grp., ilmenite, magnetite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, pyrochlore (U-), olivine, vermiculite, zircon.
Rayfield River: Monzonite, syenites, nepheöline syenite pegmatites. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, garnet grp., microcline, titanite.
Semlin: Alnoite. Augite, biotite, calcite, magnetite, melilite, olivine, perovskite, serpentine grp.
Kamloops: 3,x15 km. Syenites. Aegirine, albite, cancrinite, chalcopyrite, eudialyte, garnet grp., hastingsite, magnetite, microcline, natrolite, nepheline, pyrrhotite, zircon.
Perry River: Nepheline syenite gneisses, syenites, quatzites, carnonatite. .Aegirine, allanite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, fluorite, garnet grp., magnetite, microcline, molybdenite, muscovite (sericite), nepheline, phlogopite, plagioclase, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, riebeckite, titanite, zeolite grp., zircon.
Mt.Copeland: Alkaline gneisses. Aegirine, amphibole grp., analcime, biotite, cancrinite, diopside, fluorite, microcline, molybdenite, nepheline, perthite, rinkite, sillimanite, titanite, zircon.
Trident Mt.: Nepheline syenite gneiss. Aegirine, albite, bioite, perthite.
Kinbasket Lake: Nepheline syenite. Amphibole grp., biotite, epidote, garnet grp., microcline, nepheline, plagioclase.
Mt.Laussedat: Sodalite veins.
Mt.Hunter: Trachyte.
Ice River: Syenite, nepheline syenite, jacupirangite, ijolites, urtites, carbonatite. Aegirine, albite, ankerite, apatite grp., aefvedsonite, arsenopyrite, astrophyllite, augite-(Ti), baddeleyite, barkevikite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, chalcopyrite, chlorite grp., clinozoisite, cordierite, diopside, epidote, eudialyte, ferrobustamite, fluorite, galena, hastingsite, hedenbergite, kaersutite, lamprophyllite, lavenite, magnetite, melanite, muscovite (sericite), natrolite, nepheline, olivine, pectolite, perovskite, perthite, phlogopite, piemontite, plagioclase, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, ramsayite, rosenbuschite, scapolite grp., schorlomite, serpentine grp., sodalite, sphalerite, talc, thomsonite, titanite, tremolite, vesuvianite, wollastonite, zircon.
Marron Formation and Coryell Intrusions: Andesites, trachytes, phonolites. Aegirine, analcime, andesine, anorthoclase, augite, biotite, hornblende grp., nepheline, olivine.
Kruger Mt.: Granodiorites, nepheline syenite. Albite, augite, biotite, hastingsite, melanite, microcline, nepheline, pyoxene grp..
Rossland Dyke: Syenite. Apatite grp., augite, biotite, magnetite, nepheline, zeolite grp.
Crowsnest Volcanics: Trachytes, tuffs. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, analcime, andesine, apatite grp., calcite, oligoclase, garnet grp., magnetite, pyrite, nosean, pyroxene grp., sanidine, titanite.
Rexspar: Alkaline volvanic rocks, trachyte. Celestite, fluorite, pyrite, uraninite, vermiculite, REE-minerals.
Commerce Mts: Monzonite, alkali syenite, phonolite a.o. Analcime, nepheline, perthite.
Chelatta Lake (Nechako River, Whitesail Lake, McLeod Lake): alkali olivine basalt, basanite. Apatite grp., clinopyroxene fgrp., nepheline, olivine, plagioclase.

Sweetgrass Hills: Dykes and plugs, related to Lemitar Mts. (USA)
Commerce Mts.: See BC

Nisikkatch Lake: Albite, allanite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., barite, calcite, chlorite grp., gypsum, hyalophane, microcline, pyrite, quartz, scapolite grp., siderite, titanite, zircon.

Cinder Lake: Foyaite in granodiorite batholith, syenitic pegmatites. Melanite.
Eden Lake, Reindeer Zone: Monzonites, pegmatites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, allanite, apatite-grp., britholite, feldspar grp., pyroxene grp.,quartz, titanite, zirkon.

Ontario (many localities are just magnetic anormalities, in which drilling has been done):
Carb Lake: Boulders of carbonatite and alkaline rocks only in a circular magnetic anormality. Amphibole grp., ancylite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, dolomite,fluorite, magnetite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, synchisite, vermiculite.
Wapikopa Lake: 98 km². Syenites. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., augite, perthite, quartz, titanite.
Big Beaver House: Carbonatite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., barite, calcite, chalcopyrite, magnetite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite.
Schryburt Lake: 5km circular magnetic anormality. Carbonatite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., magnetite, calcite, mica grp., perovskite, pyrochlore, „sulfides“.fluorite,
Squaw Lake: Syenites, nepheline syenites. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., biotite, cancrinite, nepheline, quartz, sodalite, zeolite grp.
Sturgeon Narrows: 13,7-4,5 km. Nepheline syenite with different dykes (lamprophyric, pegmatitic). Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., augite, biotite, cancrinite, garnet grp., nepheline, quartz, sodalite, zeolite grp.
Bell Lake: Pyroxenite, monzonite. Ampühibole grp., augite, plagioclase.
Poohbah Lake: Syenites, pyroxenite, malignites,. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., andradite, apatite grp., biotite, natrolite, nepheline, orthoclase, thomsonite.
Prairie Lake: 8,8 km². Ijolites, carbonatite.Apatite grp., biotite, brookite, calcite, dolomite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, pyrite, pyrochlore.wollastonite
Coldwell : 1500 km², one of the largest intrusions in North America., 3 separate centers. Subalkaline gabbros, cut by syenites (also nepheline syenites) and syenite pegmatites. Actinolite, aegirine, aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., arfvedsonite, barkevikite, biotite, calcite, chlorite grp., clinopyroxene, diopside, edenite, fluorite, hastingsite, hedenbergite, hematite, hornblende, hydromuscovite, ilmenite, ilmenomagnetite, magnetite, natrolite, nepheline, olivine, orthopyroxene, perthite, phlogopite, plagioclase, richterite, riebeckite, sodalite, „sulfides“, titanite, titanomagnetite, zircon.
Killala Lake: 11x8 km. Olivine gabbro, nepheline syenite, syenite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, clinopyroxene, fluorite, hornblende grp., magnetite, nepheline, olivine, plagioclase, pyrochlore, „sulfides“, tourmaline grp., zircon.
Chipman Lake: 3km diameter. Syenite, carbonatite. Amphibole grp., dolomite, phlogopite.
Nagagami River Belt: Magnetic anormalities. Syenite, ijolite, carbonatite. Amphibole grp., biotite, dolomite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, pyrochlore.
Martison Lake: Magnetic anormality. Carbonatite. Apatite grp., biotite, calcite, dolomite, magnetite, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore.
Paint Hills Island: Peralkaline syenites. Aegirine-augite, albite, arfvedsonite, microcline.
Argor (James Bay): Pyroxenite, carbonatite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., augite, biotite, calcite, chalcopyrite, dolomite, magnetite, olivine, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, riebeckite, salite, titanite, zircon.
Hecla-Kilmer: 18 km², aeromagnetic anormality. Essexite, ijolite, pyroxenite, nepheline syenite.
Sextant Rapids, Coral Rapids: Sills 20 m thick. Augite, biotite, calcite, clinopyroxene, fluorite, ilmenite, magnetite, melilite, olivine, phlogopite, serpentine grp., thomsonite.
Valentine Township: Carbonatite, syenite.
Goldray: Aeromagnetic anormality.
Lewers Township: Similar to Argor.
Clay-Howells: 13 km diameter. Aegirine syenite, carbonatite. Aegrine, amphibole grp., garnet, magnetite.
Teatzel Township: Dyke 10 m thick. Calcite carbonatite. Amphibole grp., calcite, phlogopite, pyroxene grp.
Cargill: Ultramafic rocks, carbonatite. Aegirine, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, calcite, clinohumite, dolomite, hornblende grp., magnetite, olivine, phlogopite, richterite, titanite.
Shenango: 11x7 km. Syenites, alkaline diorites.
Herman Lake: 8x3 km. Nepheline syenites. Biotite, calcite, cancrinite, nepheline, pyrite, pyroxene grp..
Firesand River: 2.4 km in diameter. Carbonatite, sovite.. Actinolite, aegirine, apatite grp., augite, barite, biotite, dolomite, garnet grp., magnetite, nepheline, olivine, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, pyroxene grp., quartz.
Nemegosenda Lake: 7x5 km. Nepheline syenites, fenites, carbonatite, jacupirangite, sovite, pegmatites a.o.. Aegirine, amphibole grp.,apatite grp., barite, biotite, cahlcopyrite, chlorite grp., fluorite, galena, graphite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, pyrochlroe, pyroxene grp., quartz, sphalerite, wollastonite.
Borden: Magnetic anormality. Ijolite, syenite, carbonatite.
Lackner Lake, Portage: 5-6 km in diameter and 1 km in diameter. Nepheline syenite, ijolite, malignite, carbonatite. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, fayalite, fluorite, magnetite, nepheline, pyrochlore, riebeckite, zeolite grp.
Lackner Township, Sudbury: Carbonate rock cutting a nepheline syenite. Cerianite.
Seabrook Lake: 2,7x1km. Ijolite, carboantite, pyroxenite, melteigite. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., biotite, chlorite grp., fluorite, hematite, magnetite, nepheline, pyrochlore, salite, „sulfides“.
Kirkland Lake: 45km long lovas and tuffs, up to 4.5 km thick, intrusions of syenite, trachytes. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, chlorite grp., hornblende grp., magnetite, muscovite (sericite), orthoclase, plagioclase, sanidine.
Otto Stock: 10 km in diameter. Granite, quartz syenite, syenite porphyries, nepheline syenite. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., biotite, microcline, nepheline, perthite, quartz, scapolite grp., titanite.
Venturi Township: Carbonatite. Amphibole grp., dolomite, phlogopite, vermiculite.
Kusk Lake: Fenitisation of sandstones and greywackes. Aegirine, riebeckite.
Nemag Lake: Fenite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., biotite, alkali feldspar, rutile.
French River: 2 lenses of nepheline syenite in an alkaline syenite. Aegirine-augite, albite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, corundum, fluorite, garnet grp., graphite, hastingsite, microcline, nepheline, perthite, pyrite, sodalite, titanite, zeolite grp., zircon.
Springer Township: Drills: fenitized rocks and carbonatite. Aegirine, bastnaesite, fluorite, pyrite.
Iron Island, Lake Nipissing: Carbonatit, pyroxenite, ijolite. Andradite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., augite, barite, biotite, calcite, chalcopyrite, fluorite, hematite, magnetite, quartz, phlogopite. pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite.
Burritt Island, Lake Nipissing: Fenites, carbonatite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., apatite grp., hematite, magnetite, pyrite, pyrochlore.
Manitou Island, Lake Nipissing: 3.2x2.7 km, fenite, syenites, pyroxenites. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, calcite, magnetite, monazite, nepheline, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyroxene grp., quartz.
Callander Bay, Lake Nipissing: 3km in diameter. Nepheline syenites, carbonatite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., analcime, apatite grp., barite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, chalcopyrite, chlorite, grp., diopsiide, dolomite, fluorite, garnet grp., hematite, kaersutite, magnetite, muscovite (sericite), nepheline, olivine, perthite, pyrite, pyroxene grp., pyrrhotite.
Powassan: Similar to Springer Township.
Lake Nosbonsing: Similar to Springer Township.
Calvin Township: 1.3 km². Nepheline syenite. Garnet grp., hastingsite, nepheline, oligoclase, omphacite.
Brent: 3-4 km in diameter. Fenitization. Aegirine, augite, cCalcite, chlorite grp., hematite, microcline, orthoclase, perthite, phlogopite, prehnite, quartz, riebeckite, sanidine.
Deux Rivieres: Similar to Springer Township.
Haliburton-Bancroft Area - 100km of syenitic and nephelin syenitic gneisses:
- Monmouth and Glamorgan Townships: Pegmatites, some having been quarried. Albite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., andesine, biotite, calcite, clinopyroxene, garnet grp., hastingsite, hedenbergite, hornblende, magnetite, microcline, nepheline, olivine, perthite, plagioclase, scapolite grp., sodalite, zircon.
- Cardiff and Faraday Townships: Nepheline syenite, ijolite. Uranium mining. Aegirine, albite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, corundum, fluorite, garnet grp., hastingsite, magnetite, microcline, muscovite, nepheline, oligoclase, scapolite grp., sodalite, titanite, tourmaline, vesuvianite, zeolite grp., zircon.
- Dungannon, Monteagle and Carlow Townships: The most extensive nepheline syenites in the area. Albite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, corundum, garnet grp., hastingsite, hornblende, magnetite, microcline, muscovite, nepheline (xx to 90 cm !), oligoclase, scapolite grp., sodalite (Princess Sodalite Quarry !!), tourmaline, zircon.
- York River: Nepheline gneisses with abundant mafic facies. Albite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, corundum, diopside, ferrosalite, garnet grp., hornblende, microcline, nepheline, plagioclase, scapolite grp., sodalite, vesuvianite, zircon.
- Brudenell and Raglan Areas: 6 nepheline syenite occurrences. Aegirine, corundum, garnet grp., hastingsite, magnetite, muscovite, nepheline, oligoclase, scapolite grp.
- Wolfe Belt: Nepheline gneisses, metapyroxenite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, clinopyroxene, ferrohastingsite, fluorite, garnet grp., hedenbergite, hornblende, ilmenite, magnetite, microcline, nepheline, plagioclase, scapolite grp., sodalite, spinel, titanite, zeolite grp., zircon.
- Northeast Haliburon-Bancroft Area: Nepheline-free syenites. Albite, amphibole grp., biotite, perthite, pyroxene grp., quartz.
Blue Mountain: 4x2.4km and the West´s largest producer of nepheline syenite for glass and ceramics industries. Nepheline syenite, syenitic gneisses. Aegirine-augite, albite, andradite, biotite, calcite, cancrinite, corundum, hastingsite, hornblende, magnetite, microcline, muscovite, nepheline, riebeckite, zircon.
Deloro Stock: Peralkaline granite, syenite. Aenigmatite, albite, arsenopyrite, biotite, chalcopyrite, magnetite, perthite, pyrite, quartz, riebeckite.
Sullivan Island: Carbonatites, fenites, aegirine syenite pegmatite. Aegirine, amphibole grp., apatite grp., calcite, hematite, phlogopite, perthite, pyroxene grp., titanite, zircon.
Algoma: Carbonatite.
Falcon Island, Lake of the Woods: Alkali feldspar syenite and melasyenite, monzodiorite. Aegirine, biotite, gold, hornblende grp., nepheline, plagioclase.

Quebec (Mt.St.Hilaire and St.Amable Sill have their own pages, Kipawa, Oka and Francon Quarry will get them):
Kipawa Complex and Lac Tortue: Agpaitic nepheline-bearing rocks, dominantly mafic gneisses, coarse pegmatites. Aegririne, aegirine-augite, agrellite, albite, apophyllite grp., arfvedsonite, augite, biotite, britholite-(Ce), calcite, chondrodite, diopside, ekanite, eudialyte, fluorapatite, fluorite, gaydonnayite, galena, gittinsite, graphite, hedenbergite, hiortdahlite, hornblende, katoporite, meionite, microcline, miserite, mosandrite, muscovite, nepheline, norbergite, opal, pectolite, phlogopite, pyroxene grp., richterite, scapolite grp., thorianite, thorite, vlasovite, zircon.
Northwestern Quebec Dykes: Possible nephelinitic affinities between Mattawa and Bachelor Lake, up to 60 cm thick. Analcime, augite, calcite, ilmenite, magnetite, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite.
Cabonga Reservoir: Nepheline syenite. Biotite, corundum, muscovite, nepheline, plagioclase, sodalite.
Baskatong Reservoir: Doubtful ! Nepheline-bearing rocks.
Kensington: 40km², syenite, monzonite, diorite, pyroxenite. Molybdenite, nepheline.
Ste.Véronique: 8km in diameter. Diopsidic pyroxenites, shonkinites, syenites, nepheline syenite, pulaskite. Aegirine-augite, albite, amphibole grp., biotite, clinopyroxene, diopside, hastingsite, hornblende, nepheline.
Lac Rouge: 25km² circular body of an magnetic anormality, poorly exposed. Biotite, cancrinite, hastingsite, natrolite, nepheline, sodalite, thomsonite.
Gracefield: 7.5km² syenite with younger syenite, nepheline syenite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, calcitre, clinopyroxene, nepheline.
Cawood: Nepheline-bearing gneiss in marble. Amphibole grp., bniotite, nepheline.
Meach Lake (McCloskey´s Field): Carbonatite dykes in aplite, fenitization. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., barite, betafite, calcite, dolomite, eckermannite, fluorite, galena, magnetite, phlogopite, pyrite, pyroxene grp., pyrrhotite, quartz, richterite, vermiculite, zircon.
Dam Lake: Carbonatite.
Haycock Property: Iron veins in fenitization zone. Aegirine, apatite grp., barite, calcite, eckermannite, hematite, phlogopite, quartz.
Quinnville and Templeton: Carbonatite body. Aegirine, apatite grp., barite, calcite, magnesio-arfvedsonite, magnetite, microcline, phlogopite, rutile.
Chatham-Grenville Stock: Syenites and granites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, arfvedsonite, augite, hornblende, perthite, quartz.
Montreal area and Monteregian Hills:
Without further information: Visitation Island, St.Helen´s Island, Mt.St.Grégoire, Rigaud, Carillon.
- St.André: Carbonatite.
- St.Lin: Alnoite.
- St.Monique: 6-7m sill. Apatite grp., augite, biotite, brookite, calcite, monticellite, olivine, perovskite.
- Brilund: 150x100m. Apatite grp., calcite, forsterite, garnet grp., magnetite, melilite, monticellite, perovskite, phlogopite.
- Oka: 2 concentric ring dykes. Carbonatite, okaite-jacupirangite series, ijolites, alnoites, lamprophyric dykes, breccia pipes, metasomatic rocks. Apatite grp., augite, biotite, britholite-(Ce), calcite, diopside, dolomite, hauyne, latrappite, magnetite, melilite, monticellite, nepheline, niocalite, periclase, perovskite, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyroxene grp., pyrrhotite, richterite, wollastonite.
- Como: Alnoite. Apatite grp., calcite, melilite, monticelllite, perovskite, phlogopite.
- Ile Cadieux: Alnoite. Apatite grp., calcite, forsterite, magnetite, melilite, monticellite, perovskite, phlogopite, salite, scapolite grp., zeolite grp..
- Ile Bizard,: Alnoite. Baddeleyite, kimzeyite, melanite, titanomagnetite, zirconolite.
- Ste.Anne-de-Bellevue: Alnoitic dyke. Apatite grp., magnetite, melilite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, pyroxene grp., pyrrhotite.
- Ste.Dorothée: Maybe a single sill, up to 5.7m thick. Fourchite, zone of xenoliths. Amphiboel grp., analcime, apatite grp., augite, hastingsite, plagioclase, sanidine.
- Francon Quarry: Sill of 1.2x0.45 km, 2m thick. Silico-carbonatite, highly vesicular. Formerly quarry operation, more than 60 minerals described. Aegirine-augite, analcime, dawsonite, dolomite, „K-feldspar“, siderite.
- Mount Royal: Rising 200m above the city, in downtown Montreal. An oval-shaped stock (2.8x1.6km) in limestone and shales. Gabbros, nepheline syenite, nephelin-bearing diorite, pyroxenites. Apatite grp., augite, ferrohastingsite, fluorite, hastingsite, ilmenite, kaersutite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, nosean, olivine, orthoclase, plagioclase, quartz, sodalite, titanite.
- Brossard: Temporarily uncovered, but not anymore. Analcime, biotite, clinopyroxene, dolomite, feldspar grp., kaersutite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, pyroxene grp., serpentine grp..
- Masson Street: Sill outcropping in Montreal, extending 2.5km. Tinguaite. Aegirine, hauyne, nepheline, orthoclase.
- Mt.Bruno: Elliptical, 3.2x2.5km. Feldspatic peridotite (essexite), nordnarkite, gabbro. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., augite, biotite, ferrohastingsite, kaersutite, nepheline, olivine, perthite, plagioclase, quartz.
- St.Jean: Sill of 2-7m, formerly quarried. Nepheline syentie, nepheline-kaersutite diorite.
- Rougemont: Few alkaline rocks, mostly feldspathic peridotite.
- Iberville: Magnetic anormality, 900m in diameter. Nepheline syenite. Amphibole grp., biotite, plagioclase.
- Mt.Johnson smallest and best exposed Monteregian intrusion, 680 m in diameter. Essexites, pulaskites, nepheline syenite. Augite, biotite, kaersutite, nepheline, oligoclase, olivine, pyroxene grp.
- Mt.Yamaska: Yamaskite-gabbro-akerite, essexite, nepheline syenite a.o.. Analcime, apatite grp., augite, kaersutite, nepheline, olivine, plagioclase, quartz, sodalite, titanite.
Shefford Mt.: Hornfels, diorite, gabbro, monzodiorite, monzonite, laurdalite, foyaite, nordmarkite, larvikite. Aegirine-augite, andesine, apatite grp., augite, biotite, cancrinite, ferrohastingsite, kaersutite, nepheline, oligoclase, olivine, sodalite, titanite, zircon.
Brome: Horseshoe of 4 peaks, gabbroic rocks, alkali syenites, foyaites, nordmarkite, tinguaite. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, clinopyroxene, fayalite, ferrohastingsite, kaersutite, kalsilite, melilite, nepheline, orthoclase, plagioclase, sanidine, sodalite.
Mt.Mégantic: Gabbro/diorite, syenite. Aegirine, allanite, analcime, augite, biotite, fayalite, kaersutite, magnetite, perthite, plagioclase, quartz, titanite, zircon.
Mégiscane Lake: Carbonatite, 6xkm. Apatite grp., biotite, magnetite, pyrite, pyroxene grp.
Obedjiwan: Circular 7km complex. Nepheline syenite, syenites., ijolite, pegmatites. Aegirine, biotite, calcite, magnetite, nepheline, perthite.
Crevier: 25km² elongated body. Nepheline syenites, pegmatites, carbonatite, fenite aureole. Aegirine, biotite, nepheline, pyrochlor.
Baie-Comeau: Carbonatite dykes.
Lac Albanel: Peralkaline granite, nepheline syenite. Aegirine, albite, biotite, cancrinite, hastingsite, microcline, nepheline, orthoclase, quartz.
Arvida(Chicoutimi): Carbonatite and kimberlite dykes. Antigorite, apatite grp., calcite, magnetite, olivine, phlogopite, talc.
St.Honoré: 10km² covered by limestone. Carbonatite, syenites, nepheline syenite, ijolite, sovite. Ankerite, apatite grp., barite, bastnaesite, cancrinite, dolomite, melanite, monazite, monticellite, nepheline, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyrrhotite, sphalerite, titanite.
Monts McGerrigle Pluton: 100km² pluton. Granite, nepheline syenite.
Nachicapau Lake: Cancrinite-arfvedsonite pegmatite. Arfvedsontie, cancrinite, magnetite.
Castignon Lake: 24x11km, dykes and diatremes of carboantite and meimechite. Ankerite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, chlorite grp., fluorite, magnetite, olivine, perovskite, serpentine grp., talc.
Goodwood River Plutons: Nepheline syenite, ijolite. Amphibole grp., biotite, clinopyroxene, microcline, nepheline, perthite.
Strange Lake (also belonging to Labrador) Circular 7km in diameter. Arfvedsonite-aegirine granite, metasomatiozed inclusions. Pegmatites. Aegirine, aenigmatite, amphibole grp., arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, elpidite, feldspar grp., fluorite, gadolinite grp., gagarinite, gerenite-(Y), gittinsite, kaisonite-(Y), narsarsukite, pyrochlore, quartz, riebeckite, thorite, zircon.
Baie-des-Moutons: Syenitic ring intrusion, only marginally alkaline.
Sairs Lake: Mosandrite. .

Strange Lake: see ebove
Flowers Bay and Flowers River: Peralkaline granites. Aegirine, aenigmatite, amphibole grp., annite, arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, biotite, fergusonite, fluorite, grunerite, monazite, perthite, quartz, riebeckite, zircon.
Aillik: Carbonatite dykes. Albite, amphibole grp., augite, nepheline, olivine, phlogopite, pyroxene grp..
Mann 1: Peralkaline syenite. Aegirine, aenigmatite, albite, arfvedsonite, barylite, eudialyte, eudidymite, neptunite, niobophyllite, pectolite, pyrochlore,quartz, „schizolite“.
Mann 2: 5.2km SW of Mann 1. Aenigmatite, albite, arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, catapleiite, lamporphyllite, murmanite, nepheline, omphacite, pectolite, ramsayite.
Red Wine: 2 centres plus 8 other pods. Augen granitic gneisses, diff. igneous rocks, among them nepheline syenite with pegmatites. Aegirine, aenigmatite, albite, amphbole grp., apatite grp., arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, catapleiite, eudialyte, ferro-omphacite, fluorite, innelite, jadeite, joaquinite, karnasurtite, lamprophyllite, Ti-lavenite (normandite ??), microcline, nepheline, neptunite, niobophyllite, pectolite, perthite, quartz, ramsayite, riebeckite, titanite, vinogradovite, zircon.
Seal Lake: (thanks to J.Andrew Jeffrey for the info):Alkaline syenites. Aegirine, barylite, catapleiite, epididymit, eudialyite, eudidymite, galena, neptunite, niobophyllite, pectolite, perovskite, pyrochlroe, roschenbuschite, spahlerite.
Fort Rupert: Carbonatite.
Voisey´s Bay: Olivine gabbro, syenite,Ni-Cu-Co deposit. Apatite grp., baddeleyite, olivine, zircon.

King´s Point: Granodiorite, granite, syenite. Riebeckite.
La Scie Complex: Gabbro, granite, syenite. Orthoclase, perthite, plagioclase, quartz, riebeckite.
Notre Dame Bay Area: Monchiquitic dykes. Analcime, augite, biotite, calcite, nepheline, olivine.
Topsails: Large granitoid body, 125x50km. One peralkaline granite type., porphyry dykes, ignimbrites. Aegirine, aenigmatite, allanite, amphibole grp., fayalite, fluorite, hedenbergite, magnetite, microcline, monazite, orthoclase, quartz, zircon.
Hare Hill Terrane: Peralkaline granites, syenites, aplites. Aegirine, arfvedsonite, biotite, riebeckite.
St.Lawrence Granite: 30x1okm batholith. Contact aureole with volcanic sediments. Fluorite mining. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., andalusite, barite, biotite, calcite, cordierite, fluorite, galena, hematite, magnetite, pyrite, quartz, sphalerite.

New Brunswick:
Mt.Champlain Pluton: Leucocratic arfvedsonite granite, syenites, miarolitic cavities. Arfvedsonite, elpidite, fayalite.

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