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This is a comprehensive list of alkaline localities in Brazil, mostly, but not only (don´t underestimate me !), taken from the Woolley book (see below), generously given to me for 3 months by Peter G.Seroka - many thanks ! The mineral lists are certainly incomplete, I had to leave out things like „opaques“, and there is some confusion about the feldspar group minerals, which are not always named exactly (“antiperthite“).
Brazil seems to be rich in „possible“ alkaline localities - structures on aerial photographs etc., that look like intrusions, but are under laterites and have never been drilled. These I just mention after the federal state name als „Possibles:“

Not to forget: Pocos de Caldas and Jacupiranga have pages of their own !

Here we go W to E and N to S:

Seis Lagos: Carbonatite. Ankertie, barite, dolomite, goethite, pyrite, rutiel, siderite.
Marie Mirim: Aegirine granites. Aegirine, biotite, fluorite, riebeckite.
Sucunduri Dome: 700km,2. Plugs and dykes of alkali syenite, nepheline syenite, phonolite, trachyte.
Guariba: 5x2.5km. Syenites, granites, trachytes, phonolites. Aegirine, arfvedsonite, biotite, cancrinite, fluorite, hastingsite, nepheline, oligoclase, perthite, quartz, riebeckite.

Roraima Federal Territory:
Catrimani:2x1km. Sodalite-nepheline syenite, phonolite. Aegirine, apatite grp., biotite, cancrinite, fluorite, hastingsite, melanite, nepheline, sodalite, zircon.

Possibles:Maicuru, Apuparia, Maraconai,
Cachorro: 9x5km. Quartz syenite, marginally alkaline. Biotite, quartz.
Mutum: 16km², circular, partly in Guyana. Nepheline syenite. Aegirine, apatite grp., cancrinite, epidote, fluorite, nepheline, plahioclase, titanite.
Erepecuru: 2 km in diameter. Quartz syenite, marginally alkaline. Albite, amphibole grp., andesine, apatite grp., biotite, fluorite, titanite, zircon.
Mapari: Nepheline syenite, alkali syenite. Albite, amphibole grp., barkevikite, clacite, cancrinite, nepheline, ologoclase, pyeoxene grp., sodalite.
Boca Nova: 3 localities of nepheline syenite gneiss, pegmatites. Albite, bioite, cancrinite, microcline, nepheline, oligoclase, pyrochlore, pyroxene grp., sodalite, zircon.

Mato Grosso:
Canama: 21,12km. Syenites, nordmarkites, alkali granites. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., barkevikite, biotite, fluorite, hastingsite, orthoclase, perovskite, riebeckite, rutile, titanite, zircon.

Rondonianas Granites: 30 intrusions. Rapakivi granites, some peralkaline, tin mineralization. Aegirine, biotite, feldspar grp., fluorite, riebeckite, titanite, zircon.
Teotonio: 4km in diameter. Peralkaline syenites, monzonites, granites, trachytes. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, andesine, biotite, hastingsite, hornblende, microcline, oligoclase, orthoclase, riebeckite.

Possibles: 1 circular structure.
Porto Nacional: Litchfildite. Albite, biotite, cancrinite, fluorite, microcline, nepheline, oligoclase, sodalite, zeolite grp.
Peixe: 30x8km. Litchfieldites. Albite, biotite, microcline, nepheline, oligoclase.
Morro do Engenho: 5km in diameter. Dunite, pyroxenites, alkaline gabbros, nepheline syenite, jacupirangite, carbonatite. Aegirine, augite, biotite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, perthite, phlogopite, plagioclase, sanidine, serpentine grp.
Santa Fé: 45km2. Dunite, pyroxenite, peridotite, malignite, peralkaline quartz granite, syenites. Aegirine, apatite grp., augite, biotite, diopside, garnierite, leucite, nepheline, olivine, orthoclase, quartz, vermiculite.
Caiapo: 1.8x1.4km. Carbonatites, breccias, ijolite, monchiquite, fenites, sovite. Ankerite, barite, calcite, dolomite, pyrochlore, rutile, siderite.
Montes Claros de Goias: 50km². Nepheline syenite, nordmarkite, dunites, pyroxenites. Aegirine-augite, albite, anorthoclase, augite, biotite, chromite, feldspar grp., ferrohastingsite, magnetite, melanite, nepheline, oligoclase, olivine, plagioclase, pyroxene grp., quartz, serpentine grp., titanite.
Lambari, Fazenda do Toninho, Papira, Diorama: 5 sills and plugs, about 70km². Basanite. Analcime, andesine, apatite grp., augite, barkevikite, biotite, hornblende, labradorite, olivine, plagioclase, quartz, zeolite grp.
Arenopolis: 6x2km. Pyroxenites, nepheline syenite. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., analcime, augite, baddeleyite, biotite, cancrinite, eudialyte, nepheline, olivine, orthoclase, plagioclase, zeolite grp..
Corrego Dos Bois: 20km². Pyroxenites, essexite, dunite, nepheline syenite. Augite, biotite, cancrinite,. hornblende, nepheline, olivine, orthoclase, plagioclase, sodalite, zeolite grp.
Buriti and Mata Azul: 16km,2 intrusion and dyke. Alaskites, nordmarkite, tinguaite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, analcime, biotite, feldspar grp., hornblende, nepheline, perthite, plagioclase, quartz, sanidine, titanite.
Santa Marta II: 1km in diameter. Trachyte plug.
Morro de Macaco: Line of intrusions and volcanics of 10km. Peridotite, dunite, pyroxenites, syenite. Clinopyroxene, nepheline.
Amorinopolis: Volcanic vent - plug with ring dykes. Nephelinite, tephrite, basanite. Augite, calcite, feldspar grp., kalsilite, leucite, magnetite, melilite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, zeolite grp..
Agua Emendada: Alnoite. Anorthoclase, augite, biotite, melilite, olivine, perovskite, pleonaste, pyroxene grp..
Santo Antonio da Barra: 300km². Analcimite, phonolites, dunite a.o..Analcime, augite, calcite, kaersutite, leucite, magnetite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, zeolite grp..
Catalao II: 14km². Sovites, carbonatites. Barite, calcite, feldspar grp., magnetite, phlogopite, pyrochlore (mining), vermiculite, REE phosphates.
Catalao I: 27km,2. Carbonatite, pyroxenites. Aegirine, amphibole grp., apatite grp., barite, feldspar grp., magnetite, monazite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, pyroxene grp., serpentine grp., titanite, , vermiculite, zircon. Nb and phosphate mining.
San Antonio da Barra: Kamafugites. Clinopyroxene, kalsilite, leucite, nepheline, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, titanomagnetite.

Possibles:4 circular structure.

Possibles: 8 circular structures.

Parambu: Peralkaline granite. Aegirine, arfvedsonite, biotite, riebeckite.
Fortaleza Area: Alkaline province, several occurences (plugs, dome, dykes etc.). Phonolite, trachyte, essexite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., analcime, andesine, augite, barkevikite, biotite, cancrinite, feldspar grp., nepheline, olivine, sanidine, sodalite, stilbite.

Catingueiras: Fenitized diabase, trachyte, lead and copper mineralization. Aegirine, amphibole grp., augite, biotite, feldspar grp.

Cabo de Santo Agostinho: Flow and dykes of trachyte, comendite, basalt, riebeckite granite. Riebeckite.
Araxa: carbonatite, phoscorites, lamprophyres. Diopside, olivine, phlogopite, tetraferriphlogopite.

Itapitanga: 3 small syenite intrusions. Sodalite (quarrying).
Itabuna: 18x40km. Syenite, diorite, monzonite, granite, varied dykes.. Aegirine-augite, arfvedsonite, augite, baddeleyite, biotite, hornblende, katophorite, microcline, oligoclase, perthite, plagioclase, sodalite, zircon.
Sao Francisco: alkali-feldspar syenites, alkali-granite.
Santa Cruz da Vitoria: Nepheline syenite intrusions. Biotite, sodalite.
Fazenda Hiassu: 2 litchfieldite/sodalite syenite intrusions, alkaline pegmatites, . Amphibole grp., pyroxene grp., nepheline, sodalite (quarrying).
Potiragua: 26km², one large and several smaller bodies.Nepheline syenties. Arfvedsonite, biotite, nepheline, perthtie, quartz, sodalite.
Itarantim: 16km in diamter, 2 smaller intrusions. Syenites. Aegirine, biotite, nepheline, quartz, sodalite (quarrying).
Santanopolis: 180 km2. syenites. Apatite grp., calcite, diopside, feldspar grp., hornblende, monazite, perthtite, quartz, titanite, zirkon.
Similar: Itiuba, Sao Felix, Anuri

Minas Gerais:
Coromandel: Ultrabasic alkaline rocks.
Pantano: Alkalin olivine basalt. Biotite, olivine, perovskite, serpentine grp., zeolite grp.
Patos de Minas: Ijolite, olivine basalt.
Morro das Broas: Alkali basalts.
Serra Negra: 65km². Carbonatite, pyroxenite, dunite, shonkinite, jacupirangite. Anatass, baddeleyite, biotite, perovskite, pyrochlore.
Salitre: 2 interconnected intrusions. Trachytes, peralkaline syenite, nepheline syenite, pyroxenite, carbonatite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, diopside, francolite, hematite, ilmenite, magnetite, monazite, nepheline, perovskite, perthite, pyrite, titanite, zeolite grp., zircon.
Sao Gotardo: Carbonatite, pulaskite, urtite, alkali gabbros. Apatite grp., calcite, magnetite, pyrochlore.
Serra do Bueno: Alkali olivine basalts. Olivine, perovskite, zeolite grp.
Bambui: Aegirine, amphibole grp., analcime, apatite grp., feldspar grp., mica grp., nepheline, pyrite, titanite.
Araxa: 4.5km in diameter. Quatzites, carbonatites, sovite, lamprophyres. Aegirine-augite, ankerite, apatite grp., arfvedsonite, bariopyrochlore (mining), barite, calcite, dolomite, eckermannite, feldspar grp., goethite, gorceixite, goyazite, magnetite, monazite, phlogopite, pyrite, pyrochlore.
Tapira: 6km in diameter. Pyroxenites, trachytes, syenites, carbonatite. Apatite grp.(mining), augite, bariopyrochlore, biotite, calzirtite, diopside, ilmenite, magnetite, melanite, melilite, olivine, perovskite, phlogopite, pyrochlore, quartz, titanite.
Sacramento: Alkali basalts. Leucite.
Ubari: 4x2.5km. Syenite., Aegirine-augite, biotite,eckermannite, magnetite, perthite, quartz, titanite.
Passa Quatro (also Sao Paulo State): 110km². Nepheline syenite.

Mato Grosso do Sul:
Pao de Acucar: Nepheline syenite, pyroxenite, essexite, phonolite. . Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., biotite, nepheline, sodalite.

Rio de Janeiro:
Morro de Sao Joao: 3.5km in diameter. Syenties, shonkinite, malignite, trachyte, phonolite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., arfverdsontie, biotite, bytownite, hastingsite, hornblende, melanite, muscovite, nepheline, orthoclase, plagioclase, sodalite.
Cabo Frio and Morro do Forno: Nepheline syenite, foyaite, pulaskite, nordmarkite, phonolite, trachyte. Aegirine-augite, arfvedsonite, augite, biotite, cancrinite, magnetite, nepheline, oligoclase, olivine, orthoclase, pyrite, quartz, riebeckite, sanidine, sodalite, titanite, wairakite, woehlerite, zeolite grp., zircon.
Guapiacu: Trachyte.
Saoronho: 30km². Syenites, pulaskite, alkali granite, trachyte, pegmatites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., biotite, calcite, feldspar grp., quartz.
Rio Bonito: 28km². Pulaskite, umptekite, syenites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, analcime, biotite, katophorite, sodalite.
Tangua: 6-7km in diameter. Pulaskites, nepheline syenite, trachyte, phonolite. Chalcedony, fluorite (mining), nepheline.
Porto das Caixas: Phonolite with alkalic rock fragments. Calcite, cancrinite,.nepheline, orthoclase, pyroxene grp.
Monjolos: Phonolite. Aegirine, feldspar grp., nepheline, mica grp.
Itauna: 6km². Syenites, phonolite. Hauyne, nosean.
Maua: Phonolite.
Canaa: 20km². Litchfildites, alkali syenite, pegmatits. Cancrinite, feldspar grp., „lepidomelane“, nepheline, sodalite , zircon.
Tingua: 50km². Nepheline syenite, foyaite, tinguaite, phonolite, trachyte, pegmatites. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., analcime, anorthoclase, arfvedsonite, biotite, eudialyte, nepheline.
Marapicu-Mendanha: Intrusions, vents, necks anddykes. Syenites, phonolite, trachyte, lamprophyre.
Barra do Pirai and Dos Tomazos: Phonolite.
Volta Redonda: Ankaramite. Analcime, augite, nepheline, oligoclase, olivine, pyroxene grp..
Morro Redondo: 5km². Foyaite, syenites, trahcyte. Aegirine, albite, amphibole grp., anorthoclase, leucite, pyroxene grp. Sodalite.
Itatiaia: (also in Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo States): 31x12km, 330km². Syenites, pulaskites, nordmarkites, peralkaline granites, tinguaite, phonolite, trachyte. Barkevikite, biotite, nepheline, quartz.

Sao Paulo:
Jaboticabal: Alkaline lavas, tinguaite. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, aenigmatite, amphibole grp., analcime, apatite grp., calcite, magnetite, natrolite, nepheline, perovskite, sanidine, titanite.
Campos de Jordao: Scattered dykes. Tinguaite, shonkinite, monchiquite.
Ilha da Vitoria: Nepheline syenite, pulaskite, syenite, dykes of phonolite, trachyte, bostonite, techenites. Nepheline, quartz, sodalite.
Ilha dos Buzios: Syenites. Aegirine-augite, biotite, feldspar grp., hronblende, quartz.
Ilha de Sao Beastiao: Syenitic and gabbroitic rocks., nordmarkites, trachytoc and phonolitic dykes. Aegirine-augite, albite, augite, barkevikite, biotite, feldspar grp., hastingsite, nepheline, olivine, quartz, sodalite.
Ilha do Monte de Trigo: Foyaite, melatheralite, olivne gabbro, jacupirangite, essexite, teschenite. Aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., analcime, barkevikite, biotite, feldspar grp., nepheline, olivine, plagioclase, sodalite.
Itanhaem: Tinguaites, sovite. Biotite, Th and RE minerals.
Piedade: Shonkinite, syenite. Aegirine-augite, apatite grp., biotite, nepheline, orthoclase.
Ipanema. 13Km². Sovite, aegirinite, pulaskite, shonkinite, syenties a.o.. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp. (mining), biotite, magnetite, nepheline, orthoclase, vermiculite (mining).
Tatui: Shonkinites.
Juquia: 14km². Pyroxenties, peridotites, alkali gabbros, carbonatite dykes, nepheline syenite., ijolite. Aegirine-augite, ancylite, ankerite, apatite grp. (ming), augite, barite, biotite, galena, ilmenite, magnetite, nepheline, norsethite, pyrite, pyrochlore.
Barro do Teixeira and Sete Quedas: Phonolite.
Itapirapua: 4.5km². Nepheline syenites, melteigite, pulaskite, carbonatite, sovite a.o. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, amphibole grp., apatite grp., biotite, calcite, cancrinite, eudialyte,. fluorite, magnetite (mining), melanite, nepheline, orthoclase, pectolite, pyrite, pyrhhotite, sodalite, wollastonite, zeolite grp.
Barra do Itapirapua: Carbonatite.. Ancylite, barite, bastnaesite grp., fluorite, galena, melilite, pyrochlore, synchisite.
Cananeia: Pulaskite, nordmarkite. Amphibole grp., barkevikite, biotite, diopside, feldspar grp., quartz.

Banhadao: 11km². Nepheline syenites, ijolites, phonolite dykes. Aegirine, aegirine-augite, cancrinite, feldspar grp., melanite, nepheline, pectolite, phlogopite.
Mato Preto: Ijolite, nepheline syenite, carbonatite, phonolite. Barite, fluorite, galena, REE minerals.
Cerro Azul: Phonolite.
Tunas: 25km². Phonolite dykes, syenites, foyaites, trachyte. Biotite, nepheline, quart7z.
Bairro da Cruz: Olivine gabbro, phonolite. Amphibole grp., olivine, pyroxene grp.
Pariquera Acu: Theralite, essexite, syenodiorite.

Santa Catarina:
Possibles: Vargeao
Lages: 30km in diameter. Carbonatite, melilitite, nepheline syenite, trachyte, phonolite. Aegirine, analcime, ankerite, astrophyllite, augite, barite, biotite, calcite, dolomite, eudialyte, feldspar grp., goethite, lavenite, magnetite, melilite, murmanite, nepheline, neptunite, olivine, pectolite, pyrite, pyrochlore, quartz, synchisite. Bauxite mining.
Anitapolis: 5km². Ijolite, pyroxenite, nepheline syenite, carbonatite. Amphibole grp., apatite grp. (mining), biotite, magnetite, olivine, phlogopite, pyroxene grp., serpentine grp.

Rio Grande do Sul:
Possibles: Cerrojarau
Estiva: Syenite. Aegirine-augite.
Piratini: Province of more than 30 pipes., 20x5km. Trachyte, phonolite, tinguaite. Aenigmatite, arfvedsonite, cancrinite, melanite, nepheline, sodalite.

Serra do Man: quartz-alkalin feldspar syenite. Aegirine-augite, albite, apatite grp., microcline, titanite, winchite.

State=??, a/o missing data:
Triunfo pluton, NE Brazil: Alkaline pluton. Aegirine-augite, magnetite.
Santa Catarina: Carbonatite.
Velasco: „Alkaline igneous complex“
Santo Antonio da Barra: Kamafugite. Aergirine, diopside.
Mata da Corda: Kamafugite. Aegirine, diopside.
Ernando de Noronha Island: Carbonatite, wehrlite. Olivine
Serro do Maio, Riacho do Pontal, NE Brazil: peralkaline granites. Aegirine, aenigmatite, arfvedsonite, astrophyllite, magnetite, quartz, riebeckite, titanite, winchite.
Cantal: Carbonatite.
Barra di Itapirapua: Carbonatite, syenites, fenites.
Rio Espinharas: Monzonites, syenties etc.

&Suggested reading:
Woolley, A.R.: Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World. Part 1: North and South America. British Museum (Natural History), London, 1987

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